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Publication Coordinator

You will be assigned a Publication Coordinator

Once you become a Page Publishing author, you will be assigned a publication coordinator who will walk you through every step of the publishing process. Our goal is to continuously update you on where you are in the process and answer any questions you may have. You will be given complete access to all workflows through a personalized online author portal.

We believe that having an expert by your side through the process is vital to achieving a positive publishing experience.

You can contact your coordinator whenever you have a question or want a status update for your book. Having a publication coordinator guarantees that you will remain in control of your work and that the process will move as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Book Editing

Editing and proofreading is a key component in your book’s success. Our editors will make sure your writing is free of grammatical errors or plot inconsistencies, ensuring your work is up to the standards your readers expect.

Book Design

We will format and transform your manuscript into a finished book, complete with page and cover design. Our artists can create illustrations and give your entire work a professional layout.

Print & eBooks

Your printed book will have a glossy, full-color cover and perfect binding, giving it a professional look and feel. Once your printed book is complete, we will convert the title into a digital publication, commonly referred to as an eBook.

Distribution & Marketing

As a Page Publishing author, you will not need to worry about the logistics of providing bookstores with fresh copies of your book. We track all sales and ensure that every order placed is fulfilled immediately.

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