Book Passage hosts wildly successful book signing for Michele Maleville!

Sep 26, 2014 | News

Book Passage recently hosted a very successful book signing for Page Publishing author, Michele Maleville. Attendance for Maleville’s event surpassed a recent signing hosted at the same location, for Hillary Clinton.

The Tale of Hun Shim & Sun Mung begins as Mother Nature declares a grand new plan, devised to bring the world’s people closer together beyond their differences, to a very confused and skeptical crane. Hun Shim & Sun Mung, both born in Korea, are destined to travel to America where they will find their true parents according to Mother Nature’s design. With each trial and tribulation the girls face, the crane questions Mother Nature’s decision to have them move so far away to a family and community where so few people look like the girls. Each time the curious crane questions her decision Mother Nature reassures the crane that all of the difficulties the girls face will ultimately mold them into their true selves. As Mother Nature foretells, Hun Shim and Sun Mung grow to be great peacemakers, spreading charity throughout the world, which ultimately teaches the questioning crane to have faith in the ways of Nature.

To purchase The Tale of Hun Shim & Sun Mung, visit your local bookstore.

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