Su Sau Produces Trailer for Angel or Dream

Feb 19, 2020 | News

Su Sau, author of Angel or Dream, recently had a video trailer produced for her title. 


Inez is a recently divorced psychologist trying to restart her life as a single woman in her late twenties. Despite being burned once, she has not given up on love. However, Inez made a vow to herself that she will not accept marriage until she is 100% certain he is the ONE. Inez seeks a deeper connection. One that transcends anything she ever felt or realized before.
Despite entering a promising relationship with Joseph, one particular chance encounter will turn her life upside down when a Mysterious Stranger, Thaddeus, permeated her life.
Joseph is everything Inez visualizes as the ideal man, yet moving on with him will prove to be easier said than done. The Mysterious Stranger becomes more and more difficult to shake, although he is married.
Her connection with the Mysterious Stranger is unexplainable and in its power also undeniable. So, standing at a crossroad in her life, Inez will have to choose which man she wants in her life forever.
Or will she?

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