KC Woodworth Continues his nationwide promotional tour of "Cutting off a Whale's Head"

KC Woodworth and his street-blimp billboard advertising his latest novel “Cutting off a Whale’s Head” finally made it to Hollywood. After speaking with hundreds upon hundreds of people about his book (and handing complimentary promotional bookmarks out as well), KC finally reached Hollywood where he proceeded to parade his mobile billboard up and down Hollywood Blvd. Dressed as Shakespeare, KC mingled with the crowds of tourists and even managed to get himself included in the filming of a new TV series. This is the kind of self-promotion and dedication that makes us proud!

KC Woodworth, author of "Cutting off a Whale's Head" Embarks Upon his Cross-Country Book Promotion Tour

After having created a custom-designed “street blimp” Page Publishing author, KC Woodworth, set upon the southeast and then made his way west to Texas and Arizona on a nation-wide promotional tour of his new book “Cutting Off a Whale’s Head.” KC has been handing out promotional bookmarks and speaking with patrons of local Starbucks, as well as visiting college campuses and engaging students in conversations about the book. KC made stops in Houston, Austin, El Paso, and Phoenix and is now pressing ahead to San Diego. After San Diego, KC will parade his mobile billboard up and down Hollywood Boulevard dressed in a full Shakespearean costume for additional effect!