Kathy Mansfield Wins Free Video Trailer for May 2022 Unboxing Video Contest!

Kathy Mansfield Wins Free Video Trailer for May 2022 Unboxing Video Contest!

Congratulations to author Kathy Mansfield for winning our Unboxing Contest for the month of May!

We received so many great videos of our authors unboxing their books and promo items! Will YOU be our next WINNER!?

This unboxing was selected for the month of May. The author will receive a free video trailer for her book titled, Candace McFly: Undercover Spy Case #1 The Botched Beauty Pageant.

Check out the unboxing video HERE!


Remember, a new winner will be selected every month! Are you about to receive your complimentary copies? Bookmarks? Posters? Business Cards? Invitation Cards? (We could go on and on!)

Capture the moment! Authors are encouraged to take a brief video of themselves “unboxing” these items. Please remember to include your name (or pen name) along with the title of your book in your video for some added publicity! Authors can email these brief videos to their Publication Coordinator or to socialmedia@pagepublishing.com. Not only will these videos will be shared on our Page Publishing social media pages, authors will also be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a FREE video trailer for their book!

Limit 1 entry per month.

Drawings will occur monthly; 1 winner per month

More information about the video trailer: This 30-second video production shall include high-resolution images related to the theme/story and information as to the various outlets where the book is available for purchase. This video will be posted to YouTube and your author webpage. These are great videos to share on social media websites, your personal website, etc.!

Rob Gronkowski gives shout-out to author Diane Gronkowski!

Rob Gronkowski gives shout-out to author Diane Gronkowski!

Diane Gronkowski, author of Outnumbered, was recently featured on Rob Gronkowski’s social media! Diane was a stay-at-home mother of five sons, all of whom became professional athletes, with the odds of that being much greater than winning the lottery.

She dedicated many years of working 24/7/365 to keeping her “boys” organized, fed, educated, and on schedule.

Now, she lives in SW Florida and is remarried to Mike Walters. Together they have a home watch business. She currently has six grandchildren, with a prediction of many more to come.

“I have five sons, each born about two years apart. I went from changing diapers to toilet training to changing diapers to toilet training to buying jockey shorts and then athletic supporters. My boys went from weighing a collective thirty-nine pounds at birth to now weighing over half a ton and each having become a professional athlete!

Did I have any idea that I was raising five future athletes? Of course not. I have driven or flown hundreds of thousands of miles over the last thirty-plus years to ice rinks, baseball diamonds, football fields, and basketball courts, to mention a few.

Besides athletes, they are now entertainers, fathers, entrepreneurs, role models, and familiar faces on TV. I dedicated 24/7/365 to raise my “boys” to be hard workers, and good citizens. Outnumbered is a book about some of the events in my sons’ lives as told by me, the only female on the team. I never would have dreamed that I would have the life that I had while raising these incredible athletes.” — Diane Gronkowski

Be sure to check out Rob’s 5/31/22 post on his social media to see the wonderful photos he posted with his mother!