Sharon Thomas Holds First Book Signing

Sharon Thomas, a teacher of 48 years, had her first book signing for her book Mr. Finnigan Teaches Freddy to Read in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. It was attended by many former students. They wanted their children to have the book and learn to read with Mr. Finnigan like they did. Sharon made her unique Finnigans and displayed them on the Finnigan tree. It was difficult for people to decide which Finnigan to choose for their own!
Congratulations, Sharon!

Antonette Smith Hosts Book Signing Event in Harvey, Louisiana

Congratulations to Antonette Smith, who just hosted a book singing event at the Barnes and Noble in Harvey, Louisiana! The event took place on October 27, 2018 and had a fantastic outcome. Smith took many photographs with her readers, as well as providing autographs.

Antonette Smith is the author of

The Real Antonette Come Forth
The Real Antonette Come Forth Vol. 1-3
The Real Antonette Come Forth Vol. 5 and 6
The Real Antonette Come Forth Vol. 7-9

Congratulations, Antonette!

Phyllis Hoppes Participates in Local Book Signing Event

Phyllis Hoppes, author of How I Became a Superhero, recently participated in a book signing event.

The event took place on October 20 and 21st at Annie’s Toy Chest in Cocoa Village, FL. The event had a fantastic turnout – 100 Books sold and signed!

Congratulations, Phyllis!