Immortal Kisses by Mitzi Libsohn Widespread Media Coverage

Page Publishing author, Mitzi Libsohn, and her daughter Pauli Libsohn have stirred up quite a buzz with the recent release of Immortal Kisses. Several media outlets have run a story on the book, including a cover story in Newsday!

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Rahaman Ali and H. Ron Brashear Featured in WHAS11 News Coverage

That’s Muhammad Ali’s Brother: Life on the Undercard, recently released by Muhammad Ali’s brother, Rahaman Ali, and his co-author H. Ron Brashear, was featured recently by WHAS11 in a news piece.
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A Successful Signing at Dolly's Bookstore, During the Sundance Film Festival!

Author of the autobiography Dope, Kevin Grose, held a successful book signing at Dolly’s Bookstore in Park City Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival. While the signing’s success was exciting, the highlight of the event was when Grose caught the attention of Amy Goodman, Executive Producer and Host of Democracy Now!

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