Lisa Brandenburg Hosts Book Signing at Middletown Public Library

Lisa Brandenburg, author of Run, recently hosted a book signing event at the Middletown Public Library on April 30, 2018. The attendance was 40+ and was a great success!

Lisa can be found on Twitter (@LisaABrand) and Facebook at

Please feel free to check out a few photos from her event below!

Congratulations, Lisa!

Author Randy Eubanks Does Book Reading at Carolina East Hospital

Randy Eubanks, author of My Dad The Smartest 7th Grader on Earth, recently visited the Carolina East Hospital on Tuesday, April 17th.

A nurse recorded Randy Eubanks reading to his father on Tuesday morning, April 17th at Carolina East Hospital. His daughter recorded him reading to his granddaughter the following Sunday.

“I want my dad to be fully aware of this book and my tribute to his legacy. At the time of the reading he was definitely enjoying the moment. Unfortunately, his health has gotten worse since the last reading on April 17th and he is back at the assisted living home under hospice care. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to read to him, over the past few weeks, at least half of the manuscript. At the time of the readings he was completely aware of what was going on and he was enjoying going down memory lane. I hope to be able to put a copy into his hands before he passes on. Either way, I am at peace and I know my Dad is proud of his youngest son.” -Randy Eubanks

To view this heartwarming video, please click HERE.