Skip Van Rensalier Hosts a Book Signing in Paterson, NJ

Skip Van Rensalier Hosts a Book Signing in Paterson, NJ

Congratulations to author Skip Van Rensalier and his recent book signing for U.C.A.P.: Up Close and Paterson. It was held Friday, March 3rd, at the Norman S. Weir Elementary School in Paterson, NJ, where he is a substitute teacher. Students, Principal Gilgio, and the Superintendent of Schools attended the event.

After 37 years as a social worker for Paterson Public Schools, Van Rensalier retired, but only briefly. Soon he was back at it as a substitute teacher for Norman S. Weir Elementary School. Then, during the pandemic shutdown, he began working on his book. In it, he captures the personal stories of current form residents of the storied town of Paterson, NJ. 

He profiled 35 Patersonians, from vaudevillian-style entertainer “Uncle” Floyd Vivino to community elder Alonzo “Tambua” Moody and younger voices like tutoring entrepreneur Shanikwa Lemon and educator/musician Scott Cumberbatch. They share their candid views of the city. Through their words, you can see their love and pride for their hometown. 

Congratulations again, Skip Van Rensalier!

Vickie Rubin Featured in Newsweek

Vickie Rubin Featured in Newsweek

Congratulations to Vickie Rubin, author of Raising Jess: A Story of Hope, for being featured in Newsweek!

In the article, she discusses being a caretaker to her young daughter, Jess, and how she learned to drive an adapted van, plus attach Jess to all the vehicle safety restraints. Then how years later, she went through the process of becoming a volunteer driver and learned how to secure the passengers again.

Excerpt from the article

“The moral of our story is that we were able to laugh, and that was much better than self-pity. We overcame a lot, endured much, dreaded some but survived all of it. Most experiences that begin as insurmountable tasks become doable over time; unfortunately, that is often another lesson learned in hindsight.”

Your attitude and story inspire us (and we love a fancy purse, too)! Congratulations again, Vickie!

Linda Sabettini Wins February 2023 Unboxing Video Contest!

Linda Sabettini Wins February 2023 Unboxing Video Contest!

Our hearty congratulations to Linda Sabettini for being selected as our February Unboxing Contest winner! Her book, Cloud Castle, will receive a video trailer. Check out the unboxing video HERE!

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